What drew you to the marketing industry?

I’ve always been interested in the blend of B2B and B2C communications that marketing allows. On one side of the equation, I’m strategizing and formulating an entire plan that you then get to implement and watch it succeed (or, more infrequently, fail) in real-time. In a way, you’re a voice for both the business and the consumer, because first, you’re sharing your client’s message with its audience. Then, you’re turning around and sharing the audience’s response and using it to fine-tune the marketing plan.

What do you like most about your role?

I enjoy being among the frontline contacts for clients, influencers, and media. It gives me the opportunity to see all facets of the broader picture at play while providing a genuine service for indie game developers and tech startups that may be struggling to reach their intended audience. As someone that appreciates both gaming and tech, I also feel like I’m playing a role in the advancement of both industries.

What do you like most about Loopr?

Outside of the industries I get to work in by being part of the Loopr team, the company’s founder, Wahid, seems to share values similar to my own. I do appreciate the opportunity Loopr has given me to grow and improve as a public relations rep and copywriter while further developing my marketing skills.

What exciting projects are you working on?

I am anxious to get to talk about some of the movements happening at Little Orbit, the indie dev team behind S.T.F.U. (Ships That Fight Underground). It’s a ship-based first-person shooter that integrates what they’ve described as “Web 2.5” to develop a voluntary in-game economy and community. I’m also excited to be working with TicketsCandy, a company that’s going against the grain to take on the predatory pricing of companies like Ticketmaster.

There’s plenty in works behind the scenes at Loopr that I can’t wait to bring to light, but we’ll just have to sit on those for now!

What’s your favorite hobby?

I made what many may consider a faux pas and turned my favorite hobbies into a career. I love to game and I am passionate about writing. Unfortunately, I haven’t hobby-written or hobby-gamed anything in quite a long time. I’m sitting on a collection of short stories that may see the light of day soon. Hopefully.