In 2022, there were an estimated 10,900 new games released on Steam, a jump of about 700 from the year prior. It’s a number that has been mostly trending upward since the platform’s launch, and while that bodes well for the industry as a whole, it poses a challenge for individual developers. Even with a tried and true concept that players are guaranteed to love, there is no  guarantee that any indie release will be a hit on launch.

So, how does a project survive when it’s released among a sea of competitors? It’s all about the tools you take advantage of. For an indie developer, video game PR is a crucial element of its long-term marketing plan. But why a public relations firm, and how can one set aside the noise of the industry to let this one game stand out?

How Loopr Can Help at this Pivotal Time

There are four core reasons you’ll want to invest in video game PR through Loopr, especially now, when the market is so oversaturated.

Clear Messaging

As the developer, your focus should be on producing a finished game that players will love. That often leaves little time to develop the messaging to be distributed to the press and your intended audience. Loopr works behind the scenes to draft press releases, social media campaigns, and marketing messages so you can keep your head in the game (literally).

Direct Media Outreach

Media outreach is more than just sending emails. It requires developing a list of appropriate contacts and performing direct communication, follow-ups, and review key distribution. Loopr’s extensive media contacts generate real, audience-building coverage without you having to step away from development.

Thorough Influencer Communications

Finding the right influencers to play your game when so many are knee-deep in other titles can be quite the undertaking. Whether you’re looking for a paid sponsorship or someone to stream your game or provide YouTube content, creating the necessary relationships takes time and quite a few emails. Anything pulling you from development and dividing your attention can set you back and potentially affect the quality of your game.

Precision Marketing

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to marketing is set too broad a scope. You’ll quickly burn through your marketing budget and wind up reaching only a fraction of your game’s audience. Even the developers behind a game like Assassin’s Creed has to plan who it’s marketing to as there’s a specific audience that will play each new entry.

Is Waiting Hazardous to Your Success?

You may be wondering if maybe you should wait out the flood of new indie games to avoid having to invest in video game PR. However, there’s no indication that the market is going to slow down any. If anything, tools like Unreal Engine and the asset store make it easier than ever to develop a game. That’s not to say it’s a simple process, but in this age of ambitious and creative self-starters, it means more and more could be coming to the market each year.

Without Loopr running your video game PR, where would that leave you? Competing to catch the eye of games media, which is undergoing its own changes that should encourage you to work with a PR firm. Having high-level contacts at outlets like IGN, GameSpot, VentureBeat, and can help guarantee coverage and exposure to large audiences.

Invest Today, Success Tomorrow

The word “invest” can certainly sound scary, but you’re investing in yourself and in your idea. We’re here to help boost you above the noise to increase your exposure at a time when it’s most critical.

Want to learn more about how Loopr can get you coverage and increase awareness of your indie game? Contact us to discuss your options.