Developers are always looking for new ways to innovate the gaming industry. Enhancements like virtual reality and the idea that “bigger is better” are quite common, but former Snapchat #1 games provider NOWWA opted for a different approach—make it more social. They needed a video game PR agency to make it… SNAP.

In the spirit of now-defunct games like Club Penguin and Habbo Hotel, Super Snappy was a social experience first and a video game second. Every player sports a unique profile that exists within a unique, customizable digital environment. This “Space” serves as a hub, where they can personalize their experience further or try to find other users to play with.

The experiences players will share are meant to be bite-sized and competitive, a concept that’s a little harder to sell to gamers as they’re used to more robust titles. Shortly after our initial outreach, which snagged space on Venturebeat, Mobidictum, and US Today News, NOWWA advised us that they had struck a deal with game publisher Voodoo. Familiar titles like Scribble Rider and Draw Joust became integrated into Super Snappy to enhance the platform’s friendly but competitive nature.

As we absorbed the Voodoo news and prepared for a soft launch, we continued to see coverage. By the time we had completed our contract with Super Snappy and helped boost the exposure of the new platform and its release, we had secured a reach of more than 8 million unique visitors. 

Finding the right audience and market for Super Snappy’s news meant finding ways to pitch the Web3 and blockchain integration at a time when both were steeped in controversy. We turned to outlets like Play to Earn Games, NFT Gators,, and Cryptosaurus to find more coverage for Super Snappy’s announcements. Included in the publications we successfully pitched to were:

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