By the time developer Pet Project Games contacted Loopr, its upcoming online horror first-person shooter Ripout had already gone through an initial beta phase. Still in active development with no projected release date, the goal for us was to increase the game’s long-term exposure across media and influencers to develop a community of players ahead of the final release.

The atmospheric shooter was heavily inspired by horror greats The Thing and The Fly and emulated the aesthetic of Doom 3 to deliver a heart-pounding experience as players explore procedurally-generated ships to complete tasks and clear out a mutant infestation. Ripout was looking to enter a saturated market of indie horror shooters, which meant a marketing campaign that highlighted the game’s standout features.

Our initial media outreach offered a preview key to Ripout’s beta environment, so outlets could play the most updated version of the game. This resulted in a piece on Rely on Horror, a leading website for horror entertainment with an audience of over 250,000. Following the media outreach, we expanded to influencers, generating ongoing interest that ran throughout the length of the campaign. With a new gameplay trailer and continued outreach, Loopr was able to secure coverage and reviews from outlets like IGN, Igromania, TechRaptor, Game News 24, and a number of influencers to generate an estimated total reach of over 308 million.

Additionally, through conversations with TechRaptor CEO Rutledge Daugette, we secured free in-line advertising for up to 30,000 impressions. The ad was run in the body of TechRaptor’s content, maximizing exposure to the site’s audience.

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