Marketing boost to co-op adventure ‘Pactus’

There are many challenges that come with being a solo indie developer. Being pulled in every direction, ensuring development and outreach receive the same level of care and attention, is no easy feat andcan feel impossible. Le Studio Imaginaire’s Pactus is a fantasy co-op adventure, which meant it was going to appeal to a niche audience. Reaching that audience would prove to be a little difficult for a solo dev who juggles creating the uniquely artistic and stylized universe and tackling the marketing needs for such a title. 

Le Studio Imaginaire was fairly deep in its development process and preparing to release its public demo when it contacted Loopr. The first directive was to get the name Pactus in front of as many media outlets as possible, and our initial outreach garnered coverage from notable outlets like IGN, GameTrailers, LevelUp, and GameMeca. I distributed the initial reveal press release through GamesPress and ultimately reached upwards of 124,000,000 readers and viewers.

Beyond media outlets, Loopr coordinated play throughs of Pactus’ demo with several streamers. Among them was Trisha Hershberger, who featured Pactus in an indie game showcase, during which it received ample positive feedback.

From its first announcement to the launch of the Steam demo, Pactus also received coverage from outlets such as:




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