Putting indie platformer Mistcaller on the map with PR campaign

Georgian developer Onyx Wings Studio had a unique experience for players at hand—a 2D supernatural platformer that thrived on its hand-drawn visuals. The game was moody and haunting, its narrative delivered as players navigated challenging puzzles. It wasn’t something that every audience would latch onto, and that was going to be the developer’s biggest hurdle. While having Limbo and Little Nightmares as inspirations, Mistcaller still had to stand on its own, and that’s where a moderately aggressive marketing campaign comes in handy.

Mistcaller was on the cusp of being revealed to the public when Loopr PR was brought into the equation, and immediately we got to work on media and influencer outreach pitching. The game’s official reveal garnered attention from notable outlets like IGN, GameTrailers, Bleeding Cool, Gaming Trend, GamingDeputy Italy, and Game News 24. Within two days, Mistcaller’s announcement had been distributed to a potential audience of over 150 million people.

When Mistcaller was released on February 12, 2023, it very quickly attracted the attention of dozens of Steam curators. Influencers that we contacted directly took to the concept, as well, and we received the attention of TV IMEDI, which distributed an informative video to its 616,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Overall, from Mistcaller initial reveal to just under a month after its release, we helped get the game in front of a potential audience of over 175 million people. Additional outlets Loopr secured announcements and reviews for Onyx Wings include:

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