Digital Marketing and PR for NFT Launch

Launch an NFT to the Moon

When amateur gaming league organizer Ultimo GG reached out to Loopr PR to help announce its NFT, we knew it was quite a unique opportunity. Ultimo GG planned to launch the first-ever gaming token NFT to the moon (literally)! The company would launch a ledger into space filled with its unique gaming token ULTGG and required an astronomic video game PR campaign that would create a buzz.  ULTGG’s brand ambassadors include Jon Marianek (manager to the Logan Brothers Jake & Paul), boxing legend Amir Khan and Indonesian esports superstar Claraksu.

When the launch took off on July 15, Loopr PR set out by gauging the best fit media to target, specifically those that see innovation in the esports and tech spaces. The launch saw coverage from AIthorityInvision CommunityTech BullionGaming Cypher, and was included in AIthority’s coolest things roundup. Social media was buzzing with excitement for one of the most innovative pieces of currency coming out of the video game and esports world.

Ultimo GG made it clear that its mission is to democratize gaming and content creation, giving gamers and creators of all skill levels a chance to shine on an in-development one-stop-shop platform for gaming, content creation, community building, e-commerce, and much more, all powered by ULTGG. With Loopr PR backing their efforts, its limit is galactic.



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July 2021

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