Working Influencer Magic on ‘Voodoo Detective’

Short Sleeve Studio was ready to launch its awesome Monkey Island-inspired title Voodoo Detective to PC and mobile. With a focus on hand-drawn, point-and-click noir aesthetics, the title was an eye-catcher but it needed some legs with video game influencer marketing and content creators.

That’s why the studio approached Loopr. We got to work and kicked off our video game influencer marketing campaign one month ahead of launch — the results were stellar. We ramped up by building a dedicated influencer list of streamers and creators that loved games like Monkey Island, Grim Fandango, and other titles. Primarily focused on point-and-click, adventure, and detective noir titles.

In our short window, we turned around more than 70+ videos from content creators and streamers across YouTube and Twitch. This includes videos from:

  • MadMorph (750K TikTok subscribers)
  • Throneful (2 million YouTube subscribers)
  • Pobre Gamer
  • I Dream of Indie
  • Gaming Beyond the Box
  • Rare Gamer
  • and many more!

If you’re in need of influencer marketing for your next game launch, get in touch with Loopr and we’ll make a splash.

About Voodoo Detective

If you’re looking for adventure, you will find it in Voodoo Detective, the point-and-click sensation!

New Ginen: a small island town steeped in rich Voodoo culture, overrun by chain stores, infested with privileged tourists. Where local color and colonial corruption clash in a desperate battle for survival.

Against this fascinating backdrop we meet a mysterious woman with no past standing at the center of a drama so profound the threads of reality are threatening to unravel!

Join Voodoo Detective on his latest case, where danger hides behind every dirty secret and each thrilling moment may be his last. It’s time to don your fedora and trench coat, detective, you’ve got a mystery to solve!


Voodoo Detective


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