Advertising and Sponsored Content

Advertisements and Sponsored Content

Reach your target audience with strategic advertisements and sponsored content placements in top outlets.

Get More Eyes on Your Brand with Targeted Advertisement and Sponsored Content Placements.

Ever wonder how slick ads and sponsored content campaigns wind up in major outlets?

It helps to have a seasoned publicist, versed in advertisement and sponsored content negotiations, on your side.

  • Advertising

    Make an impact with awesome ads in top websites across the industry.

  • Sponsored Content

    Having a tough time landing media hits? We got you covered with sponsored media articles.

  • Land Big

    We have the best relationships with relevant media to get your product in front of viewers.

The Loopr Difference

Whether it be organic or paid content, Loopr has you covered.

Advertisements and Sponsored Content

What Industries Do You Specialize In?

Loopr has, for many years, been proud to represent some of the world's largest gaming and esports firms. Loopr has also spread its wings into adjacent tech sectors including those of big data, crypto, and NFTs. If you are in gaming and tech, Loopr can help take you to the next level.

What Does an Engagement Look Like?

It all starts with a conversation, which is always free - don't hesitate to reach out! After that initial consultation, we craft for you the campaign concept that will help you meet your goals. Nothing templated, nothing taken for granted - we build from the ground up for every client.

Who Have You Worked With?

We're humbled to have been able to have the opportunity to work with national brands and industry leaders including Trustpilot, Harena Data, and many more. Visit our case studies portfolio to learn more about some of our successful projects and clients.

How Do You Maximize Value for Advertising?

We can get you a competitive rate for advertisements and sponsored content. We have long standing relationships with key journalists and press outlets, which means the negotiation process for coveted advertising placements is quick and easy with Loopr. No more paying a premium for sponsored content or ad placements that don't perform. The best part is, we take care of everything. With Loopr, you'll never chase another journalist again. Check out our full roster of case studies to learn how we've helped tech startups, indie game devs and esports brands just like you.