Loopr helps businesses advance sales with a data-driven outlook on B2B lead generation.


At our core, we deliver research and insights in the sales process to enable businesses to grow. More than 100 companies, from enterprise to small businesses, have trusted us with marketing, lead generation and their sales pipeline.

Sell to Qualified Leads

Your sales team needs quality leads. Loopr improves your sales funnel with hyper-targeted data and research. We offer phone, email, social media, and web prospecting to build your top-of-funnel.

Our Portfolio

100+ Companies

$3 Million in pipeline

200+ Sales & Marketing Campaigns

How it works

We sit down with you to learn about the ins and outs of your business and industry. Then we get to work.

Our team of SDR’s are specialists at tracking quality leads and the right prospects for you to contact.

Secure the client and move on to the next.

Additional Services

Need help with outreach? We’re wordsmiths by trade and can get you responses from prospects.

Let our experts help you close deals. Our “Closers” are a short list of expert negotiators that have worked at startups and enterprises as sales leads.

We do marketing too. Let us take over your funnel from A-Z with PR, digital advertising, SEO, and more.

Check it out.