Loopr Secures Featured Coverage for Physics-based VR Horror Shooter, ‘Requisition VR’

Requisition VR developer Arcadia had been hard at work promoting its physics-based virtual reality zombie romp when it decided to connect with Loopr PR & Marketing. The goal Arcadia set for us was to secure additional coverage and help build relationships with virtual reality influencers. The VR creator and coverage space is still relatively small, leaving little room to maneuver, especially since Requisition VR had already been in early access since October 20, 2022. 

The VR shooter pit players in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with some duct tape and the know-how to craft unique weapons. Using a range of objects, from plungers to beer bottles, players can create the arsenal needed to survive the undead threat. The possibilities are nearly limitless, as virtually anything that can be interacted with can also be taped together. 

The strategy implemented was to focus on “update 1.0,” which added new features (including a Survival Mode), and secure reviews and play throughs from outlets that hadn’t covered the game previously or were willing to update their coverage based on the new content. Since the game did have a horror aesthetic, we did expand our reach to include prominent horror outlets, with some success as Bleeding Cool distributed a news post to its network of 3.7 million monthly visitors. Our initial outreach also garnered coverage from The Nerd Stash (17.3 million), GN24 Video Game News (279,000), and Aroged (609,000). 

Along with news coverage, we distributed keys to several content creators eager to get their hands on Requisition VR. By the end of the campaign, we had helped Requisition VR reach an audience of over 101.8 million people. 

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